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(patent pending)


* as of 05/18/23, all EP 2.0 annealers come with tank holders that use the "longer blue 14oz" tank holders as displayed in the above pictures, but we just added a new product! Tank holders for the larger diameter green "camp style 16oz" tanks! Check it out here


*The EP 2.0 annealer comes with the tank holder (for blue long style - no propane tank included), brass pan, power supply, & quality pencil torch head.


*Before you order, have you checked out our vortex optics selection where you can earn "EP BONUS BUCKS" that you can use on EP Integrations product purchases (annealer, lockdown block, or combo)!?


* EP 2.0 annealer SHIPS FREE ALL 50 STATES! 


Now shipping to Canada with rates caluclated at checkout through USPS. Canadian customers are responsible for all import duties above & beyond shipping rates! 


We usually send shipments out on Tuesday & Friday using USPS with emailed tracking the night before shipping. This can change due to vacations and holidays.


If you incur any shipping damage, then please keep the box showing the shipping damage for pictures. Email us at with any shipping issues ASAP! 


For international shipping (non-Canadian) quotes = email us AT the following in this EXACT order (copy & paste list below with answer in your email):

1.) Country

2.) Address

3.) Address 2 (if needed)

4.) Postal code

5.) City or town

6.) Phone #

7.) Preferred email


*if trying to ship to a PO box, then please email us first at before placing your order!! Please, try to use an actual shipping address. We deliver using USPS. IF SHIPPED TO A PO BOX, CAN IT ACCEPT A ~10"X10"X10" BOX? 


*The EP 2.0 brass annealer! Anneal & adjust between 17hornet to 50bmg within seconds! Without having to add or remove any parts = no extra money spent! Will anneal rimmed or not rimmed casings! Super fast annealing especially when annealing multiple cartridges in one reloading session! Perfect for the precision reloader and affordable! Also, the EP 2.0 annealer has a VERY small footprint (about ~10"w x 9"h x 7" deep w/drum) and takes up VERY little space on your reloading bench! Designed by a precision reloader, for the precision reloader that your average reloader can afford!


*See it in action here (2 video links below) on our youtube channel (make sure to subscribe & hit that notification bell on youtube for future updates!):






*FOR THOSE THAT PLACE AN ORDER: be very careful when removing the EP 2.0 annealer from the shipping box to ensure that you do not damage the round drum. GO SLOW , and take your time unpacking the annealer. VERY IMPORTANT! I personally test every single annealer with 300blk, 308, and 50bmg casings to make sure they function smootly before we ship your annealer to you & we just want to make sure it does the same for you when you receive your order. IF NEEDED (but shouldn't be required), the aluminum 1x1 block holding the fence is marginally adjustable left to right (fine tuning the position of the fence in relationship to the spinning drum) by taking the blue back off the annealer (4 small screws) to expose the inisde of the case & you'll see two small screws holding the 1"x1" aluminum block to the front of the case that holds the fence (that you can loosen up and adjust left to right if needed, but should be set from the factory during testing). Feel free to email us at with any questions or issues.

EP 2.0 BRASS ANNEALER (patent pending)

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