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Next batch of EP 2.0 annealers coming soon! Scott & myself (todd) plan on doing a LIVE event soon!

Scott and myself (Todd) are diligently working away on the next large batch of EP 2.0 annealers (and we already have parts inbound for the next batch after this one that is much more substantial)! We will be sending out those email notifications the second they are uploaded to the website for purchase! Also, make sure to subscribe to our website (bottom of the website page) & keep an eye out on the website if you're itching to get your hands on an EP 2.0 annealer! Not only will I send out those email notifications once available, but I'll make another blog post letting you all know the day before they hit the website as an incentive to subscribe to the website my friends (subscribing to the website informs you of blog posts)!

Also, I plan on doing a LIVE reloading event (guessing 3 to 4 total parts) on Elfster's Rifles and Reloading where I'm going to teach Scott how to reload start to finish! It will not only be a great opportunity for those new to reloading, but will give you a chance to chat with Scott and myself.... and obviously we will have a section of the LIVE reloading event showing the EP 2.0 annealer in action! Love it! :)


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