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🥇How I set up my EP 2.0 brass annealer in about 30 seconds using "test brass" & "glow method"🥇

This is just my method. Take this info as you want & Reloading is at YOUR OWN RISK... now, with that out of the way... Reloading is FULL of opinions... Here are some suggestions on how to get your EP 2.0 annealer, annealing, within 30 to 45 seconds & set correctly using "test brass" & by using the "glow method"... once you've done this method a few times = you'll get your annealer set up really fast and more importantly, consistently from anneal session to anneal session.. usually takes me 3 to 5 pcs of test brass and about 30 seconds (once you've done it a few times) to set up your EP 2.0 annealer before annealing my actual reloaded brass = so you don't destroy your 1st piece of reloaded brass and so it's consistent with the rest of your anneals... consistent anneals will produce consistent neck tension and headspace bumps.... its not about the time in the flame, it's 100% about the glow IN MY OPINION which is all dependent upon the heat of the torch which can be some what different every time you anneal (but the LED read out will be close from anneal session to anneal session,  but somewhat different each time, BUT the glow of the brass is consistent as your flame can be some what different each time)... you want to have the brass drop out of the flame the second the neck and shoulder starts to glow with the lights dimmed down (and only takes a half second to over anneal or under anneal)... not super red hot,, just when it starts to glow = will produce about a 1/4 anneal down the body of the brass = perfect in my opinion... its alllllll about the glow (not time) with the lights dimmed down with your "test brass".. get the hotter blue inner flame a little over one inch long (let flame run about 30 seconds to make sure the flame is running consistent) and have it so the tip of the hotter blue inner flame is barely touching ((NOT TOUCHING) the brass where the neck meets the shoulder... and larger cartridges might need a longer / hotter flame. Also, not all brass will show the same anneal marks. New brass that hasn't been cleaned will show deep rich anneals, while freshly cleaned brass straight out of a stainless wet tumbler will barely show any anneal marks at all, but once again, the consistent GLOW of the brass is more important than the anneal mark. All of this is explained in this video here (skip to 22:00)

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