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🚨For those patiently waiting on the email list to purchase an EP 2.0 annealer!🚨 They are coming!

(01/16/21) We fully understand that some of you are patiently 🙏 😌 🙏 waiting on the email 📧 list in order to get your hands on an 🔥EP 2.0 annealer🔥! Trust me, we are just as excited as you! Scott and myself are diligently working on a rather substantial batch of annealers (with an even larger batch soon behind), and those notifications should be sent out rather soon in the order in which the emails were received. They are coming! And the second we are through the email list <> ,then we will be stocking the inventory on the website for immediate purchase! On a regular basis! The wait will be worth it, trust me! 🙏

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