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Elfster's Rifles and Reloading OVERVIEW of the EP 2.0 annealer! Prototype to reality! EASY ANNEALING

Check out Todd with Elfster's Rifles and Reloading youtube channel #annealing 50 total pcs of 6.5 #creedmoor #brass WITH the EP 2.0 #ANNEALER ! If you got questions on the EP 2.0 annealer, then these are the videos for you! Check out the progression of the EP 2.0 annealer from it's early prototype stages to what you see before you today! Many many hours went into the development & testing of the EP 2.0 annealer. Also, watch how Todd #anneals using the "glow method". Valuable

Isyour6covered REVIEW of the EP 2.0 annealer! "I got to give this thing a thumbs up!"

Check out Rick with the Isyour6covered youtube channel! In this video, Rick anneals 500 total pcs of 6.5 #creedmoor brass in one reloading session! In rick's own words "it's very simple, not a lot of CRAP you got to figure out". LOVE IT! Check out rick's youtube channel here: Isyour6covered® - YouTube #anneal #annealer #annealing #brass #reload #reloading

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